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What is Shinrin-Yoku?

In Japanese, the word "shinrin" means forest, and the word "yoku" means bath. When used together, "shinrin-yoku" means bathing in the forest or taking in the forest atmosphere with all of your senses. 

Also known as "forest bathing" or "forest therapy" in other parts of the world, shinrin-yoku most simply put is the practice of spending mindful time in nature. The practice was first introduced in Japan in 1982 as an effort to help reduce stress and encourage relaxation.


Today, shinrin-yoku has caught on around the world and people everywhere are flocking to the forest to find healing and support. If you are interested in trying it for yourself, join us in Whistler for a guided shinrin-yoku walk today!

What are the benefits?

There is a growing body of scientific research available by the International Society of Forest Medicine that documents the many health benefits people experience practicing shinrin-yoku:

  • Increased immune system functioning due to a boost in Natural Killer (NK) cells

  • Improved ability to focus

  • Reduced stress and lower blood pressure

  • Improved mood and reduced anxiety

  • Boosted energy levels

  • Heightened vitality and lower levels of sadness & hostility

  • Enhanced memory performance and increased blood flow to amygdala

  • Improved cardiovascular and metabolic health

Our guided shinrin-yoku walks will help you connect with the forest with more than just your five senses:

  • See the intricate beauty of nature from a new perspective

  • Smell the different scents and aromas, including the essential oils

  • Hear the birds singing, river rushing, or leaves blowing in the wind

  • Touch a tree's bark, flower, leaves, lichen, or moss

  • Taste the forest during our Wildcrafted Tea Ceremony

  • Get in touch with your extra sensory perception & abilities


How does it work?

The healing power of the forest is complex, however there is a measurable component called phytoncides which are essential oils the trees infuse into the air which helps protect them (and us) from disease, insects, and fungus.

Effects have been reported to last as long as 30 days after a single session!


Are you ready? Book now!

$30 each (min. 4)
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