The Japanese word shinrin-yoku translates into "bathing in the forest atmosphere", or "taking in the forest through all of your senses". 


Join us on a guided forest bathing session in Whistler or Squamish, British Columbia where you'll immerse your five (and more) senses in the wonderful world of nature and enjoy a truly unique experience.

Even single sessions have proven to greatly benefit a person's health and well-being, but special plans are available for those who are interested in reaping the benefits of multiple sessions. 


Learn how to hula hoop while getting in shape!​

Hooping helps maintain your overall fitness, tones your abs and arms, while also improving your balance, strength and flexibility. 

Join us for a single class or book a special Hula Hoop workshop for a birthday, bachelorette party, or any other special occasion! 

"An experience for the senses, the heart and soul. What a blessing. We ended with the most amazing tea ceremony made from the plants, berries and roots Sabrina harvested along our walk. Drinking in the very essence of the forest. Blessed Forest we thank you!"

Robin - Arizona, USA